The Soiled Dove Underground is proud to have ListenUp® as a partner to bring you the best sound in town! Locally owned and nationally known, ListenUp is the western region's most trusted source of audio, video and smart home systems since 1972.

In 1972, Walt Stinson and Steve Weiner founded ListenUp with one goal in mind: to offer the very best in sound. Over the years that goal has grown to include providing the finest video and home automation, as well. From its modest roots as a small storefront in a Denver residential neighborhood to a company with over 100 employees and stores in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Albuquerque and Portland, ListenUp has established a reputation for being at the forefront of the home entertainment revolution. Here’s a brief look at ListenUp’s unique history…

You hear a lot of talk about “custom” systems in the A/V world these days. Talk to ListenUp co-founders Walt Stinson and Steven Weiner about the history of the company, and you’ll find out that ListenUp was custom before custom was cool. “From the very beginning we delivered and set up the systems we sold, and made sure they were properly integrated into the room,” says Steven. “We were tremendously enthusiastic about the gear – and, more importantly, the music – and we wanted to make sure everything got set up right so it would sound right. We knew if we offered this level of attention and people got a superior experience from their systems, they would become repeat customers.”

So this idea of service is not merely a marketing buzzword, but the core component of ListenUp’s philosophy. Call it maximum service (that’s two marketing buzzwords). As Walt says, “To put it simply, our goal is to create loyal and enthusiastic customers. From staying ahead of the latest technologies and trends to hiring and retaining the people best qualified to take care of our clients, we are totally focused on that goal.” ListenUp’s basic philosophy hasn’t ever changed, but its capabilities certainly have. Let’s take a look at how one small store grew to become one of the most influential independent electronics dealers in the country.